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Thursday, July 15, 2010
TUBE OF CHOICE: I used the fantastic artwork of Ismael Rac.
You must purchase a license to use his art.
You can find Ismael's art and get your license HERE.
SCRAPKIT: Punk Babe by Rieka Rafita.
This is a PTU kit. You can find it HERE.
FONT OF CHOICE: I used Edwardian Script ITC for the name and Avignon for Punk Babe.
FILTER: dsb flux - Bright Noise
I used Photoshop for this tut.
Ya ready? Here we go...
Open a canvas, transparent background, 600x600 pixels.
Open RR_Paper15, resize to 75x75. Open RR_Paper6, resize to 65 width x 70 height.
Place on top of Paper 15.
Now to build your frame.
Open RR_Ribbon1. Resize to 90x90.
Place on top edge of Paper15. Duplicate this layer.
Move the dup layer to the bottom edge of Paper15.
Open RR-Ribbon2. Rotate 90 clockwise.
Resize 80 width x 83 height.
Place on left edge of Paper15. Duplicate this layer.
Move the dup layer to the right edge of Paper15.
Make a new layer, font Avignon, size 30.
Type PUNK BABE, two spaces, PUNK BABE.
Rotate 90 counter clockwise.
Center it on left side of frame.
Duplicate this layer.
Rotate 180.
Center it on right side of frame.
You now have your frame.
These are the elements I used behind the frame:
On top of the frame you built, I used:
RR_Skull Doodle
RR_Punk Teddy
Resize all elements to fit as you like.
Place a drop shadow on each element on top of the frame.
Now place your tube of choice (in this case, I used the close up) behind RR_Frame4.
Duplicate this layer.
Click on the first tube layer.
Go to Blending Options.
Select Luminosity, 100% Opacity.
Click on second tube layer.
Go to Blending Options.
Select Soft Light, 100% Opacity.
Your second tube goes directly under RR_Glittertrail.
Place a drop shadow on this layer.
Make a new layer on top of all layers.
Type the name you want in the font you want.
I used Edwarian Script ITC.
I also used Stroke, Black, 3, outside.
Size it to fit.
You must now do this:
Put the artist's name, website, and your license number
of the tube you used on the siggy!!
Add your name (ie: Designed by Your Name) behind this info.
Make sure this info is legible and clearly seen.
If you don't want to animate, Save as PNG.
Duplicate layer RR_CrystalCurtains twice.
Duplicate layer RR_Glitterfill twice.
Duplicate Name layer twice.
(*)Click on first layer of RR_CrystalCurtains.
Go to dsb flux, Bright Noise.
Settings: Mix, 45.
(*)Click on the first copy of RR_CrystalCurtains.
Increase dsb flux, Bright Noise by 1.
(*)Click on second copy.
Increase Bright Noise by 1.
Repeat these steps (*) with RR_Glitterfill and your Name layers.
Open the Animation Window.
In the first frame:
Show only the first layer of RR_CrystalCurtains, RR_Glitterfill, and your name.
Hide the other two layers for each of these.
Set animation time at .02.
Duplicate the first frame.
This will be frame 2.
Now hide the first and third layers.
Unhide the second layer of:
RR_CrystalCurtains, RR_Glitterfill, and your name.
Duplicate this frame.
This is your third frame.
Hide the first and second layers.
Unhide the third layers.
Duplicate this frame.
This is your fourth and final frame.
Hide the first and third layers.
Unhide the second layer of each.
Save as PSD. Then Save for Web & Devises.
If you didn't animate, Save as PNG.
I hope you had fun with this tut!
*This tut was created by me, Redneck Tuts by Savage.
Any resemblance to any other is purely coincidental.*
Artist: ©Ismael Rac www.xeracx.net IRS344B


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♥Tribute to Rieka♥

To honor Rieka and all she has blessed me with, I will be leaving all my tuts that I have written with her kits on my blog. They are not coming down. Even though her kits are no longer available, the tuts I wrote using them are my tribute to her. Hopefully, they will inspire you the way Rieka inspired me. Love You, Rieka! You'll be forever in my heart.♥

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