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Friday, November 11, 2011


TUBE OF CHOICE: I used the fantastic artwork of Keith Garvey.
The tube I used came with two Close Ups.
You must have a license to use his art.
You can find Keith's art and get your license HERE. 

SCRAPKIT: Honor Our Vets by Mellow's Graphics
You can find it HERE.

MASK: Mask13 by Savage SWAK.
You can snag it HERE.

WORDART: Vets by Savage.
You can find it HERE.

FONT OF CHOICE: I used Distemper.

I used Photoshop for this tut.
In this tut we'll be learning how to make things fade
and moving an element up the tag.
If you don't wish to animate, just skip the steps marked *BLUE*
If you are animating,
you will end up with 27 frames of animation.
Don't let that scare you!
I'll take you through it step by step.
It's not hard
and hopefully,
you will be able to use these techniques
in your other creations later.

Ready? Here we go!

Open a new canvas.
transparent background, 700x700 pixels

Open Paper23, resize to 90%
Center on canvas.

Open Paper6, resize to 90%
Center on canvas.

Open Mask13.
You'll see three layers in Mask13.
Only move the layer called Mask
onto your siggy.
Place this on top of your paper.
With this layer highlighted
hold your CTRL key down on your keyboard
and hit your mask icon in the layer palette
at the same time.
You'll see little marching ants now.
Highlight Paper6 layer.
Click the mask button
(this is a square with a circle in it)
at the bottom of the layer palette.
*You should have two pictures in your paper layer now.
One of your paper and one of the mask.*
Hide your mask layer.
Highlight Paper6 layer.
Right click in the layer palette.
Hit Convert to Smart Object.
Right click again.
Click Rasterize Layer.
Now you can delete the gray mask layer.

Open USA Faded.
Place to your liking.

Open your middle sized tube.
Position this inside the blue part of the USA.
I flipped my tube Horizontally.
Grab an eraser.
Erase all the tube that is outside the blue area.
Go to the upper left corner of your Layer Palette.
Click the down arrow next to the word Normal.
Click Screen.

Open BandagedHeart.
*Place this at the bottom of the taggie
so you can barely see it.*
If you are not animating,
Place to your liking.

Open your regular sized tube.
Place to your liking.
I flipped mine Horizontally.

Open your Close Up tube.
Place where you like.
Click the down arrow in the upper left corner of the Layer Palette.
Click Screen.

Open GraveSite.

Open BloodLeaves.
Resize to 75%.
Duplicate this layer.
Resize again to 75%.

Open WordArt.
Choose the word art you like.
Place this in the center of your taggie.
I used two different word arts.
I used Drop Shadow
Stroke, Outside, 1, Red
Outer Glow

Place a Drop Shadow on your layers.
I did not use drop shadow on:
paper layers
mask layer
Close Up tube layers

Resize the tag to your liking.

Make a new layer.
Type your name.
I used:
Red for color
Stroke, Outside, 3, Black
Bevel and Emboss
Outer Glow



You must now do this:
Put the artist's name, website, and your license number
of the tube you used on the siggy!!
Add your name (ie: Designed by Your Name) behind this info.
Make sure this info is legible and clearly seen.

If you are not going to animate,
Save as PNG.
(If you want to maintain your layers
Always Save as PSD first.
Then you can save it as a PNG.
When doing both these steps
It is important to change the title of the tag.
When I Save as PSD,
I always name the tag what I want.
Then, when saving as a PNG,
I add the number 1 behind the name of the tag.
Like this:
Thank You, Save as PSD
Thank You1, Save as PNG
Otherwise, your PNG will overwrite your PSD
Merging your tag into one layer only.)

Now to animate your siggie.

When using the fading technique
always reduce the Opacity by 10% for each layer.

Hide your Word Art layers for now.
Open the Animation Window.
Set the time for .3
All layers of your siggy should be showing
except the Word Art layers.

Click the square button, next to the trash can,
in the animation window.
This will duplicate the first animation frame.
You will now have frames 1 & 2.
Highlight frame 2 in the animation window.
Now go over to your Layer Palette.
Highlight your BandagedHeart layer.'
Move this layer up to your liking.
The place you move this to will be the place it stop rising.

Now go back to your animation window.
Highlight frame 1.
See that icon that looks like a slanted row of squares?
Place your cursor over it.
It will say: Tweens Animation Frames.
Click it.
A new window pops up.

Click OK.

You should now have 13 frames of animation.
Go ahead and click Play
to see your heart rise.
Now back to animating the rest of the siggy.

Duplicate frame 13 ten times.
You'll have 23 frames.
Go back to frame 14.
Highlight it.
Go to your Layer Palette.
Highlight your BandagedHeart layer.
Go up to the upper right corner of the Layer Palette.
Set the Opacity to 90%.
Go back to the animation window.
Highlight frame 15.
Back to BandagedHeart layer in the Layer Palette.
Set Opacity to 80%
Frame 16: Opacity 70%
Frame 17: Opacity 60%
Frame 18: Opacity 50%
Frame 19: Opacity 40%
Frame 20: Opacity 30%
Frame 21: Opacity 20%
Frame 22: Opacity 10%
Frame 23: Hide BandagedHeart layer.

Duplicate frame 23 four times.
You have 27 frames now.

Now we'll add the Word Art.
I used two different word arts.

Go to frame 16 in the animation window.
Highlight it.
Go to your Layer Palette.
Unhide your first Word Art.
For frames 16-22
Show this Word Art.

Highlight frame 23 in the animation window.
Go to the Layer Palette.
Hide the Word Art you just used.
Unhide your second Word Art.
For frames 23-27
Save as PSD. Then Save for Web & Devises.

I hope you had fun with this tut
and that you can use these techniques
in other taggies you create!

*This tut was created by me, Redneck Tuts by Savage. 
Any resemblance to any other is purely coincidental.*
Artist: ©Keith Garvey www.garvgraphx.com PTE0041


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