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Sunday, April 17, 2011


TUBE OF CHOICE: I used the fabulous artwork of Lorenzo Di Mauro. 
The tube I used came with a close up.
You must obtain a license to use his art.
You can find Lorenzo's art and get your license HERE.

SCRAPKIT: Pinks for Girls by MistressV Signature Collections.
This is a FTU kit. You can find it HERE.

FONT OF CHOICE: I used York Script ES.

I used Photoshop for this tut.


We'll be playing with Blending Options and
we'll be using the Eraser for the text effect.
If you don't want to animate
Skip the parts marked **BLUE**.

Let's have some fun!
Open a canvas, white background, 700x700 pixels.
Your background can be transparent if you are not animating.

Open sc-frame2.
Center on canvas.
Open sc-paper1, place under frame2.
Highlight frame2 layer.
Grab your magic wand and click inside frame2.
Highlight paper1 layer.
Go to Select in your toolbar.
Click and then click Inverse.
Hit Delete on your keyboard.
Go back to Select and click Deselect.

Open sc-frame3.
Place over to the left of your sig.
Open sc-paper3, place behind frame3.
Set the Opacity to 75%.
This is in the top right corner of your layer palette.
Highlight frame3 layer.
Grab your magic wand.
Click inside frame3, while holding down the Shift key.
Both squares should have marching ants around them.
Highlight paper3 layer.
Got to Select, click Inverse.
Hit the Delete key on your keyboard.
Go back to Select and click Deselect.

These are the elements I used on top of the frames:

And behind frame3 I used sc-sparkles.

Open your regular size tubes.
Place them where you like.

Now open one close up tube.
Place this behind frame3.
Highlight frame3 layer.
Grab the magic wand.
While holding the Shift key down,
Click inside both squares of frame3.
Highlight the close up tube layer.
Go to Select, click Inverse.
Hit the Delete key on your keyboard.
Back to Select, click Deselect.

Duplicate your close up tube layer.
Highlight the first layer of your close up.
Right click this layer in the layer palette.
A window will pop up.
Look for Blending Options.
Click that.
These are the settings I used:
Blending Options: Luminosity 100%
Fill Opacity: 100%
Channels: check R, G, B
Knockout: None
Check:Blend Clipped Layers as Group
and Transparency Shapes Layer.
Blend If: Gray
This Layer: 0, 255
Underlying Layer: 0, 255
Click OK.

Highlight the second close up layer.
Again, right click and choose Blending Options.
These are the settings I used:
Blending Options: Screen 100%
The rest of the settings are the same as the last step.
Click OK.

To make your next close up tube appear bigger in your siggy:
Before you open your tube,
Go to Image in your toolbar at the top of your screen.
Click Image Size in the drop down menu.
When a new window appears,
Set your image size to 600x600 pixels.

Now open your close up tube.
Place this tube behind frame2.
Position where you like.
With this layer highlighted,
Go to Image at the top of your screen.
In the drop down menu,
Click Adjustments.
Now click Hue/Saturation.
A new window pops up.
Leave the settings alone EXCEPT for Lightness.
Type in +65.
Hit OK.

Go back and highlight frame2.
Grab the magic wand and click inside the frame.
Highlight your close up tube layer.
Go to Select, click Inverse.
Hit Delete on your keyboard.
Go back to Select, click Deselect.

I placed a drop shadow on everything except:
Close up tubes

You must now do this:
Put the artist's name, website, and your license number
of the tube you used on the siggy!!
Add your name (ie: Designed by Your Name) behind this info.
Make sure this info is legible and clearly seen.

Make a new layer on top of all layers.
Type your name.
Position it where you like.
I used Black with a Stroke, Outside, 2, color: f68fce

If you are not animating
Save like this:
To maintain the layers individually Save As PSD first.
Then rename the sig adding a number or letter
and save as PNG.

**If You Are Animating:**
**Duplicate your name and hide the first layer.
(This is in case you make a mistake, it will be easy to correct.)
Right click your second name layer.
Click Rasterize Type in the new window that pops up.

We're going to make lots of layers of your name.
You will need one layer for each letter in your name.
Plus one name layer left intact
And at least 5 layers for your first letter.
(I used 10 layers for the first letter.)
So duplicate your rasterized name that many times.
For the name Lorenzo, I ended up with 16 layers.

I relabeled my name layers.
This cuts down on confusion.
I used 10 layers for the first letter.
(You can use less. The more layers, the smoother the animation.
For the rest of this tut, we'll assume you have 10 layers.)
So I labeled these layers as:
and so on.
The final layer for the first letter, was labeled L10.

Then I renamed the rest of the name layers.
I used the name Lorenzo.
So I had 10 layers for the letter L.
Then I had one layer for each remaining letter.
Like this:
In my siggy, I ended up with 16 layers for the name.
(This does not count the hidden un-rasterized name layer.)

Ok. So you should now have one layer for every letter in your name
Plus 10 layers for the first letter in your name.
Hide all layers of your name except the first one (L1).
(Remember, we're not using the hidden un-raterized layer.)

Highlight the first name layer.
Grab your eraser.
We're working with the first letter of your name only right now.
Pretend you are writing your name by hand.
Erase this entire layer except for a small portion
where the letter would start being written naturally.
Highlight the second layer of your name.
Erase again, leaving a little more than last time, of your first letter.
Keep repeating this, for the first letter in your name,
Each time leaving a little more of the letter visible.
By the tenth layer, the entire first letter should be the only thing showing.

On to the rest of your name.
Starting with the next letter in your name,
Highlight that layer.
Leave the first and second letters of your name on this layer.
Erase the rest of the letters.
Highlight the next letter in your name.
Leave the first three letters on this layer and erase the rest.
Keep repeating this until all your letters are done.
Your last name layer will be the complete name.
So I ended up with 6 layers for “orenzo”.
All together, I now have 16 layers for my name.

Go to Windows in the toolbar.
Click Animation.
Set the time in the animation frame for .1 for the first 10 frames.
The first 10 frames will be the layers of the first letter of your name.
Show all layers of your sig in each frame
Frame 1: Show the whole siggy plus:
the first layer of the first letter of your name (L1).
Frame 2: Show the whole siggy plus:
the second layer of the first letter of your name (L2).
Repeat this through the last layer of your initial (L10).

Now we need more frames.
Change the settings of animation to .2 for the rest of the frames.
Frame 11: Show the whole sig plus
the first and second letters in your name.
Frame 12: Show the whole sig plus
 the first three letters in your name.
Continue this sequence until all the letters of your name show.

Add 2 more frames with your full name showing.
I ended up with 18 frames of animation.
Hit the Play button and view your animation.

If you like it, you're done!
Save as PSD.
Then under File,
Hit Save for Web and Devices.
That's it!
You're done!

I hope you had fun with this tut!

*This tut was created by me, Redneck Tuts by Savage. 
Any resemblance  to any other is purely coincidental.*
Artist: ©Lorenzo Di Mauro http://www.lorenzodimauro.com/ LO1080DM


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