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Friday, September 30, 2011


TUBE OF CHOICE: I used the beautiful artwork of
Barbara Jensen.
You must have a license to use her art.
You can find her art and get your license HERE.

SCRAPKIT: Autumn Romance Collab
This is a set of five kits (PTU).
The designers include:
Grunge and Glitter 
*G&G's kit is no longer part of the collab.
Please see the note on my home page.*
Designs by Sarah
Pimp'd Designz
PolkaDot Scraps
TK Dezigns
You can find it HERE.

FONT OF CHOICE: I used Cynthia Script ES.

I used Photoshop for this tut.
In this tut we'll be learning how to make leaves fall.
If you don't wish to animate, just skip the steps marked *BLUE*

Because we're using 5 different kits,
I will refer to the elements like this:
gg-*** = Grunge and Glitter
sb-*** = Designs by Sarah kit
pd-*** = Pimp'd Designz kit
PDS-*** = PolkaDot Scraps kit
tk-*** = TK Dezigns kit

Open a canvas, 700x700 pixels.
Flood fill with color of your choice.

Open sb-pp2.
Center on canvas.
Grab a soft edged eraser.
Erase around the edges
to create a soft edge.

We're going to make the frame now.
Open tk-crumplepaperstrip.
Resize to 50%.
Move this to the upper right of your tag.
Duplicate this layer.
Flip Horizontally.
Move this strip over to the top left.
Make sure they overlap a little.
Highlight the first layer of crumplepaperstrip.
Right click in your Layer Palette.
When the menu pops up,
Select Merge Down.
This is the top of your frame.
Duplicate this layer.
Flip Vertically.
Move this layer to the bottom of your tag.
Line up the ends of this strip
with the strip at the top.
This will be the bottom of your frame.
Duplicate this layer.
Flip 90 degrees CW (clockwise).
Move to the left of your tag.
Line this up with the top & bottom
of your frame
so the corners overlap just a bit.
You now have three sides to your frame.
Duplicate this layer.
Flip 180 degrees.
Move this to the right side of your frame.
Your frame should be complete now.
Highlight the first layer of your frame (top).
Right click in the Layer Palette.
Choose Merge Down.
Continue to Merge Down
until all four layers of your frame become one.

Open pd-heartwreath.
Resize to 80%.
Place in upper left corner.
Duplicate this layer.
Resize to 80% again.
Place in lower right corner.

Use my tag as a guide for placement of elements.
These are the elements I used:

Flip Horizontally.
PDS-ribbon2, resize to 45%
Flip Horizontally.
gg-leaves, resize to 90%
sb-pumpkin, resize to 50%
gg-acorn, resize to 65%
Flip Horizontally.
pd-apple, resize to 20%
pd-accorn, resize to 40%
*If you are animating,
place this layer at the very top of your sig
so very little shows.
You will be making this layer move.*

For these next elements,
place them randomly.
We will merge these when done.
PDS-fallleaf, resize to 20%
tk-leafred, resize to 25%
tk-leafgreen, resize to 20%
tk-leaforange, resize to 20%
pd-leaves 02, resize to 20%
gg-flower1, resize to 15%
gg-flower2, resize to 15%
You can duplicate any of these layers
if you'd like.
Place randomly on your siggy.
We will merge these in a minute.

Open your tube.
Place in center of tag.

Rearrange the leaves & flower layers
you just did to your liking.
I made sure none of them were directly
behind my tube.
Highlight the first layer of your random leaves.
For me, this was PDS-fallleaf.
Right click in the Layer Palette.
Choose Merge Down.
Continue doing this until all the leaves & flowers
are merged together to form one layer.
*If you are animating,
you will be making this layer move.
We'll refer to it as the leaf layer.*

I used these elements on top of my tube:
gg-leaves2, resize to 25%
Flip Horizontally.
PDS-flower1, resize to 30%
sb-flower1, resize to 90%

I erased the top part of sb-flower1
where my tube's fingers were.
There's an easy way to do this:
Move your tube layer on top of the flower layer.
Highlight the flower layer.
Grab your eraser.
Erase where the fingers are.
You may need to use different sizes of eraser
to get the finger tips and nails.
You can also zoom up to 200%
to see the detail of the fingers better.
When you're done erasing,
zoom back to 100%.
Move your tube back beneath the flower layer.

Place a drop shadow on all layers
except sb-pp2.

Resize the tag to your liking.

Make a new layer.
Type your name on the taggie.
I used color f7ae39.
I used:
Bevel & Emboss
Outer Glow

(color 910307)


Make a new layer.
We'll make the word art now.
I used the same font as my name.
I also made one new layer for each word.
Fall Into Sexy
So I ended up with three layers for the word art.
I used the same text effects on all layers.
You can place these wherever you like.

Color e83b3c.
Bevel & Emboss
Outer Glow


(color fbe373)


You must now do this:
Put the artist's name, website, and your license number
of the tube you used on the siggy!!
Add your name (ie: Designed by Your Name) behind this info.
Make sure this info is legible and clearly seen.

If you don't want to animate, Save as PNG.
(If you want to maintain your layers
Always Save as PSD first.
Then you can save it as a PNG.
When doing both these steps
It is important to change the title of the tag.
When I Save as PSD,
I always name the tag what I want.
Then, when saving as a PNG,
I add the number 1 behind the name of the tag.
Like this:
Fall Into Sexy, Save as PSD
Fall Into Sexy1, Save as PNG
Otherwise, your PNG will overwrite your PSD
Merging your tag into one layer only.)

Open the Animation Window.
Set the time for .2
Click the square button, next to the trash can,
in the animation window.
This will duplicate the first animation frame.
You will now have frames 1 & 2.
Highlight frame 2 in the animation window.
Now go over to your Layer Palette.
Highlight your leaf layer.
Move down to your liking.
Highlight sb-scatter1 layer.
Move this down to your liking.
Where you move these two layers
is where they will stop falling.

Now go back to your animation window.
Highlight frame 1.
See that icon that looks like a slanted row of squares?
Place your cursor over it.
It will say: Tweens Animation Frames.
Click it.
A new window pops up.
Use these settings:

Click OK.

You should now have 12 frames of animation.
Go ahead and click Play
to see your layers float.

If you like what you see...

Save as PSD. Then Save for Web & Devises.

I hope you had fun with this tut
and that you can use this technique
in other taggies you create!

*This tut was created by me, Redneck Tuts by Savage. 
Any resemblance to any other is purely coincidental.*
Artist: ©Barbara Jensen www.eroticartistgallery.com BJ2597


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